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   WUXI NEW GREEN FENCE CO.,  LTD.  A Chinese-Korean joint venture, is the first PVC fence manufacturer in China.  It is the only manufacturer in China that designs and manufactures both of its primary and auxiliary fence materials.  With the biggest manufacturing capacity in China.  we are currently a leading member of the China Fence Association。

    We are active in researching and developing new materials for the next generation fence.  We are not only closely working with our Korean partner but also cooperating with Japanese chemical material research institutions.  As of now, we have 5 patents in China and 32 in Korea.  Our products include both PVC fences and galvanized steel fences, covering more than 100 product types and 10 product series, we are not only marketing our products in China and Korea, but also in South East Asia, North America and Europe.  We are proud of our product quality and are willing to serve you better.

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